Water UV-C

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We can offer you a complete new and smarter generation of Water UV-C sanitizer-disinfection technolochie system who are produce in the Netherlands with German quality standards.

The Filtreau UV-C Systems ensures crystal-clear water. The sophisticated design and high quality materials produce high UV-C radiation with a wavelength of precisely 253.7nm. This high level of radiation kills almost all bacteria, viruses and even fungi, providing clear and clean

The Filtreau UV-C units can be used in all kind of garden ponds for clear and biologically water and special by owners of expensive Japanese koi fish who have the highest demands on the water quality for their favorite animals.

Because of the size of almost one meter long are the Filtreau UV-C systems the perfect water purifier for large volume waterflow what are used with koifish ponds , private sweet and salt water pool owners and professionals in the industry with high demands for disinfection of water and / or control of algae in spa and swimming pools.

Due to the extra-wide Stainless Steel housing, the water stays in contact with the UV-C radiation for an extra-long time. This broad housing also ensures that there is minimal pressure loss during the water treatment. The housing is polished on the inside to minimize the chance of any dirt sticking to the walls. Overall, this increases the effectiveness of the UV-C radiation 35%.

By increasing awareness of the harmful effects of chlorine used in swimming pools for man and environment is it pleasant to know that more and more swimming pool owners now switching to a secure and safe way of disinfecting the swimmingpool with the help of a UV water disinfection system too reduce the use of chloride up to 80%.

The disadvantage of the method of disinfecting of swimming pools with chlorine is that its released chloride into the air by movment of the poolwater or contact with sunlight, thats way you need to add on regularly basis more chlorine to your existing swimmingpool.

The evaporation of chlorine addition gives a nasty chlorine smell in enclosed spaces including lung and respiratory problems with people who suffer from asthma or COPD.

All Filtreau UV-C system meet the new EU regulation and have a safety switch witch make sure the lamp only burn when the lamp are safe in the housing what guarantees optimal safety for the user against UV radiation contact to eye,s and skin during maintenance or change

In co-operation with Philips Eindhoven is an effective UV-C (Ultra-Violet) lamp developed for the systems Filtreau UVC Pond basic and Filtreau UVC Pool basic that now allows owners of small and large Garden ponds or private swimming pools up to 75000 Ltr. the benefits of the UV lamps system.